Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is an integral part of the Terms of Use and Terms & Conditions of this website and its main object is to regulate the processing of personal data provided by you while using our website or online shop (hereinafter “Website” or “Online Shop”).


1. What is personal data?

Personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. An identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, among others or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, among others of that natural person.


2. Who is the controller of your personal data?

Cubo Crescente Lda. based in Rua António Aleixo, n. 78, 2680-479 Catujal with tax identification number 515 351 954 is the controller of your personal data (hereinafter “The Glowpic”). The Glowpic may resort to data processors, such as SHOPIFY (entity in charge of developing our website) and the transport company, having entered into an agreement with them in order to assure that your personal data are correctly processed and in a confidential way.


3. Which personal data do we process?

The mere visit to our Website does not by default mean that we are going to automatically collect your personal data. Nevertheless, some information about you may be collected, even in an anonymous way through automatic processes (such as cookies) as explained below.

To order our product, as well as when using some features of our Website you will necessarily provide some personal data to us.

Depending on the service requested the following personal data may be collected: name, email, phone number, tax number, delivery address and billing address. Additionally, with your consent we may have access to your purchase history. The Glowpic does not have access to data relating to your financial transactions (namely credit card, being that information directly provided by you to the online payment gateway chosen by you), however, if there is any need to confirm the payment or to solve any queries regarding to such payment, we may have to access to this specific type of data.

The Glowpic does not have access to the images that you worked on until the order is made. You may, however, if you create a Personal Account, have access to the pictures you ordered (as shaped by you) in order to keep a history of those images. If the images you worked on contain pictures of people that may be identifiable, The Glowpic will process that data only to keep a history of your orders and will not use those images for any other purposes, except if you freely authorize that subsequent processing.

The Glowpic assumes that the data collected where collected from the data subject and/or with his/her authorization and are true, up-to-date and accurate.


4. When do we process your personal data and for which purposes?

You may navigate freely in our Online Shop and start and place an order. To enter a purchase there is no need to create a Personal Account. To process your order, however, we will have to collect some personal data. Besides, your contact data may also be processed to respond to any contact requests or queries.

Additionally, you may create a Personal Account through which you can have access to your purchase history, namely any images (as shaped by you) that you may have used in any previous orders. To create a Personal Account, you shall previously register – as better described in the Website Terms of Use – and must necessarily provide additional personal data, such as your username and password, being those data processed in accordance with SHOPIFY regulations, which you may access through the link available in the Website.

With your consent we may also use your contact information to communicate with you regarding new products or new features that may interest you.

Therefore, and as above mentioned, The Glowpic may process your personal data for the following purposes and based on the following legal bases:

Personal dataPurpose of the processingLegal basis
name, email, phone number, tax number, delivery address and billing addressOrder processingPerformance of a contract
Name, tax number and billing addressIssuing invoicesPerformance of a contract / compliance with a legal obligation
Name, contactsProcessing of requests or queriesLegitimate interest of responding to any requests or queries / compliance with a legal obligation
Data collected through cookiesWebsite managementLegitimate interest of managing and using our Website / consent
All the above mentioned plus username and passwordManaging Personal AccountsConsent
Name, contactsDirect MarketingConsent
All the above mentionedCompliance with a legal obligationCompliance with a legal obligation


5. To whom do we communicate your personal data?

The Glowpic may communicate your personal data to any data processors, in accordance with the agreements entered to with those entities, or even to third parties, in the latter case only if we have your express consent or for compliance with a legal obligation, or any deliberation or decision from the Portuguese Data Supervisory Authority or any judicial order.


6. For how long do we maintain your personal data?

The Glowpic will maintain your personal data for specific periods of time depending on the purpose of the processing. Hence, we will maintain your personal data for the following periods:

Purpose of the processingPeriod of retention
Order processingWarranty period – 3 years
Issuing invoices10 years
Processing of requests or queriesWarranty period – 3 years
In case an order is not placed – 1 year
Data collected through cookiesWebsite management
Website managementRetention periods applicable to cookies
Managing Personal Accounts60 days from the moment of cancellation, by any way, of the Personal Account
Direct marketingWhile consent is not withdrawn
Compliance with a legal obligationFor the periods established in the applicable legislation


7. What are your rights?

In accordance with the law, you shall at any time exercise your rights of access, rectification and erasure, the restriction of the processing, as well as your right to object to the processing and your right to portability, upon request sent to The Glowpic to the email address

You may also obtain confirmation that your personal data is being processed. In this case a copy of your data that is being processed will be given to you. According to the law, when consent is the legal basis applicable to a specific processing, you also have the right to, at any time, withdraw your consent, which does not invalidate the processing based on your previous consent.

Without prejudice of any other administrative or legal forms of appeal, you also have the right to place a complaint to the Portuguese Data Supervisory Authority or any competent Supervisory Authority under the applicable law if you believe your data is not being lawfully processed by us.


8. Which security measures do we implement to protect your personal data?

The Glowpic makes every effort to protect your personal data from unauthorized accesses through the Internet. For that reason, we use security systems, rules and procedures in order to guarantee the protection of your personal data, namely, to prevent unauthorized access, unlawful use or any unlawful disclosure, loss or destruction.

Specifically, The Glowpic guarantees the privacy and safety on the transmission of your personal data by recurring to cryptography with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) of any information exchanged with us through the Internet. However, we stress out that if you are using an open net, such as the Internet, regardless of our best efforts, although in rare cases, your data may circulate without safety conditions and there is a risk that your data may be seen and used by unauthorized third parties.

Additionally, The Glowpic undertakes that, for this matter, it has and will apply all the technical means within our reach to avoid any loss, unlawful usage, alteration, unlawful access or unlawful appropriation of any personal data provided. Any time an online payment occurs, additional safety measures will be implemented, and only encrypted information will be transmitted.

It is however your responsibility to guarantee and assure that the computer/device you are using is adequately protected against malware, virus and worms. Additionally, be aware that without the adoption of any safety measures the risk of your personal data, including any passwords, being unlawfully disclosed is aggravated.


9. What are Cookies?

In order to provide a more customized service, that takes in consideration your expectations, The Glowpic uses first party and third-party cookies to collect and store information. A cookie is a small amount of data generated by a website and saved by your web browser. Its purpose is to remember information about you, like a preference file created by a software application. A cookie identifies the browser and allows storage of information in order to enhance users experience as well as to analyze and revise a website performance.

There are different types of cookies, such as:

– Session Cookies: are the type of cookies created to register and store data while you access or use a website and are excluded as soon as you leave the website and close your browser.
– Persistent Cookies: are the cookies that remain in your computer/device after you visited a website. These cookies retain information under a number that is randomly generated.

In addition, cookies have different purposes and goals, and may be strictly functional, analytical, customization or advertising cookies.


10. Which type of cookies do we use and for which purposes?

Cookies and other screening technologies do not automatically collect your personal data. To each user corresponds an individual cookie in order to guarantee the privacy and safety of the data. The presentation of data in order to perform any statistics is presented in an aggregated manner not allowing the identification of a specific user. By using cookies, it is possible for us to evaluate the performance of the website in order to improve your experience and to correspond to your expectations and needs. The Glowpic uses cookies in accordance with and as better defined in SHOPIFY cookie policy that you may access at any time through

Internet browsers allow you to manage your cookies. You may previously define your browser to allow all cookies, to know when a cookie is being used or never to allow cookies. You may at any time deactivate cookies. Although each browser has different definitions, usually the configuration of cookies can be done in the “Preferences” or “Tools” menu. For more details on how you may configurate your browser please consult your browser “Help” menu.

We stress out that by deactivating your cookies entirely some customized features will not be sent to you and therefore there are some Website features that may not be available to you.


11. When can we modify these Policy?

The Glowpic reserves the right to at any time without prior notice and with immediate effects alter, add or revoke the present Privacy Policy.

Any changes will be announced in our Website hence, to keep yourself up to date, we suggest a regular consultation of our Website.


12. How can you communicate with us?

If you have any doubts or queries about how we process your personal data, please contact us by sending an email to

Last updated on: 06-14-2020