QuestionWhat are the type of masks available and their features?
AnswerFor more in-depth information about our face masks and accompanying features, please click the following link: Type of Masks
QuestionWhat are reusable masks, also known as “social masks,” “community masks” or “non-surgical masks?”
AnswerReusable masks work as a facial barrier that compliment protective hygienic measures and social distancing practices. The masks should never substitute for established federal and local regulations, which are essential to control the spread of Covid-19.

These masks are meant to be used by the general population when leaving the house for work, school or shopping, and to help protect the community.

The masks should only be used for no longer than 4 hours, and must be exchanged whenever they become damp.

These masks are not designed for healthcare professionals to use at their place of work and are not a medical device.

QuestionHow often should the masks be washed?
AnswerThe maximum number of washes depends on the product (the fabric used and method of construction). The limits were set by submitting the fabrics for laboratory testing to the CITEVE organization. The information for each product can be found in their description.

The masks should be washed using a complete washing cycle (minimum 30 minutes at 140ºF with detergent), and should only be used again when completely dry.

QuestionAre the masks certified?
AnswerYes, all the products available on our website were certified and approved by the CITEVE organization and display their warranty seal and technical sheet (in the production description).
QuestionDo the masks come in different sizes?
AnswerAs of right now, the masks we have available are only for adults but child sizes will be available soon.