Reaching and Achieving Our Goals

The main focus of our company is to ensure the present and future safety of all citizens.

The Coronavirus pandemic has challenged our society to rethink our daily lifestyle and safety practices. Our company decided to face this challenge head-on by creating easy-to-use masks that provide optimal safety and comfort. We are working hard to provide a reliable source of masks that follow all the latest health and safety standards for your piece-of-mind. Thank you for trusting us with this task, it’s not one we take lightly.

Our masks are 100% Portuguese and are CITEVE certified.

We maintain a connection with Portugal through our business acquaintances and family. We are excited to be working with a prominent face mask distributor that produces CITEVE certified face masks. The CITEVE (Technological Centre for Textile and Clothing of Portugal) organization is part of the European Commission and has overseen the certification of face masks in Portugal. Face masks must follow specific technical standards and requirements in production and material in order to become certified. It’s with these standards that we are confident in providing safe and comfortable protection.

Our Pledge to Our Customers

Optimal Safety and Comfort

Prompt Customer Service

Certified Equipment